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    High precision machining
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    High precision machining
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    High precision machining

Specialists in high precision machining works.

DVF Meccanica is proud to achieve components of the highest quality and precision from materials such as stainless steel, iron, aluminum, cast iron, titanium and niobium.
Counting on 30+ years of experience and expertise in industrial turning and milling - the company was among the first to offer multiaxis machining - DVF Meccanica's customers can rely on a skillful and dependable business partner.


DVF Meccanica is active in many manufacturing fields, including: racing, automotive, scientific research, forming moulds, food packaging, bakery and pharmaceuticals.

High-tech machining

The range of high precision machining services offered by DVF Meccanica includes cutting edge 5-axes cnc, lathes and milling systems that are capable of working complex custom pieces - big or small - starting from a block of metal or engineered material.